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Written by Dynamis Ministries | August 24, 2023

There are a lot of professionals in today’s marketplace who build their careers around being creative. Professionals such as musicians, painters, architects, graphic designers and product planners require a creative mind. You don’t have to look very far to even find someone holding the job of “Creative Director” in an organization. Creativity is highly valued today and rightly so, leading some people to even be referred to as “a creative.” This shouldn’t be limited to true creative types however, at least in God’s economy. Everyone as a child of God is given the opportunity to partner with him as he continues to create. Created in God’s image, we all have creative abilities, and part of living out God’s design for us is to help create new things that exemplify his heart.

A great way to create with God is through generosity. The connection of generosity and creating with God goes back to the beginning of creation. One of God’s most generous acts was creating humans to share relationship and purpose with him, experiencing his love and goodness and ruling over creation with God. Through our generosity, we can create with God in a number of ways, such as contributing to a fundraiser to help build a school in an under-resourced community or a capital campaign to build a permanent place of worship for a church plant. Generosity projects of brick and mortar are literal examples of generously creating. But there’s more!

Generously investing our time into another person’s life through mentoring or job coaching can create opportunities for them grow and succeed. Freely giving words of affirmation and encouragement can create hope in the life of another who is experiencing despair. Showing hospitality to our neighbors can create community and belonging. These ways of generously creating are on equal standing as building projects. The ways we can use generosity to create are endless. In fact, just thinking and dreaming about what our generosity can create is a creative exercise in itself!

Whether we consider ourselves a creative or not, we must realize that we are made in the image of God and that we inherently possess the capacity to be creative. To start, whether alone or with your spouse or family, brainstorm some ways you can expand your generosity into ways of creating with God, bringing about something new in a person’s life, an important mission or the world at large. A great place to start is a person that God is placing on your heart in this season or even in this very moment. How can you generously create with God something good and beneficial in that person’s life? Be creative in thinking about ways to create.

Maybe it’s funding an opportunity for them to grow in a specific area. Maybe it’s creating a new opportunity for them at work that utilizes their passion and strengths. Maybe it’s building a ramp to the front door of their home for greater safety. Maybe it’s serving in food insecurity to give people greater access to creating meals for their family or village. Maybe it’s creating relational space for the lonely woman who recently became a widow. Whatever the case, step into this creative act of generously creating with God!