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Written by Guest Contributor, Judith Bugh | May 18, 2023

Every morning as I shuffle into my kitchen to make my morning coffee, my little dog follows me and goes to sit beside her food dish. She is obviously saying, “Give me this day my daily bread.” She doesn’t say this in English. Okay, to be honest, she doesn’t even say it in words. She uses body language. But the meaning is there.

When my friend, Bounchahn, came from Laos, she could not believe that Americans actually buy food to give to dogs! “How rich you people are!” she said.

When a parent of a Chinese exchange student came for dinner, he saw the land around my home. In amazement he said, “But can’t anyone come and have picnics on this property?” I told him, “No, this is only our property.” His response was, “In China, this would be a palace.”

These statements changed my life’s viewpoint.

I am rich, maybe not by American standards, but by world’s standards I am rich. I do live in a palace. All of my friends live in one too. Everyone I go to church with is rich. Everyone shopping next to me at the grocery store is rich. Even if it’s just at an Aldi.

Our Heavenly Father richly blesses us each day, and like greedy, indifferent children, we hold open our hands, and ask for more.

Our Father, King of All, owns everything, and abundantly gives us much more than our daily sustenance. If we are to live as princes and princesses, or as Paul says in 1 Peter 2:9 “a royal priesthood,” should we not imitate our Father, the King? Can we live as He does, with open eyes and ears, and a compassionate heart to meet the needs of others in this Kingdom called Earth?

Are we not, as a part of God’s royal family, called to correct the wrongs, strengthen the weak, and share the blessings we have been given?

What if, for one day, we live as an heir, child of the King whose primary goal is to live as our Father lives? And then, what if we try it again the next day?

We have a perfect example as to how we can do this. His name is Jesus, Son of God, Messiah, Savior, Immanuel. We can do it. We are rich. We live in a palace. We are richly blessed. We can spread His Love throughout the Kingdom.

Thoughts from a dog dish at a palace…we can do it!



Judith Bugh is a retired Speech-Language Pathologist. Throughout her career she has taught at Northern Illinois University, served children and adults with special needs, helped incarcerated youth in correctional facilities and worked with individuals from birth to life’s final days. She also had a private practice in Speech Pathology in St. Charles for 25 years. Also, for the past 25 years she has studied watercolor and acrylic painting and has had her work displayed in various art shows. She is an active member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Illinois.