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Written by Dynamis Ministries | August 17, 2023

When’s the last time you heard someone or something referred to as having potential? It could have been a young athlete that possessed the skills to become a 4-star prospect. Maybe it was a new venture presented in a business meeting that could expand a market. Or perhaps someone said it in reference to you. If not, be reminded today that no matter what your story or circumstance as of late, YOU HAVE POTENTIAL. The word potential comes from the field of physics and is a form of energy. There are many forms of energy – thermal, nuclear, chemical, the list goes on – but they all fall into two main categories:

Kinetic energy, which is energy in motion.


Potential energy, which is energy stored.

When someone or something is described as “having potential,” it means that there is possibility stored up inside but not yet in motion. At least not yet. For potential energy to transfer to kinetic energy, it needs to be acted upon. Like an archer stretching a bow and arrow, there is tremendous amount of potential stored up in the bow, but unless she releases her grip the arrow won’t cut through the air and hit its target.

One of the potentials inside of all of us as human beings is the potential to be generous. Individually and collectively, we have a tremendous amount of possibility stored up within ourselves to do a lot of good in the world. From the resources we are entrusted to steward to the unique passions that tug at our heart strings and stir us to do something, we each possess a lot of potential to make a difference in the lives of others. However, if that potential isn’t acted upon we never see any change. Generosity is the vehicle that transfers our potential to do good to action.

This is what Dynamis does – to grow generosity potential. Through our planning process, individuals discover ways to do more good in the world through giving of their time, gifts or resources. The Generosity Plan boosts awareness, highlights opportunities and sparks movement. As a result, it helps people’s potential become activated. Yet it’s up to the individual to transfer these possibilities into motion by faith-in-action. We all have potential to do more with our generosity. Maybe we just need to see what that potential is. If that’s you, consider signing up for a Generosity Plan today and taking the first step to put your potential into motion!